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So, myself being the geek I am, has decided to write a blog of the construction of this site! Why, don’t ask! But if it is at all interesting to anybody, then they are welcome to read it!

So the creation of this blog was quite easy with mojoPortal! First of all, I need a new page, lets call it “Site Construction”, so go to New Page and create a page with Root being it’s parent page again, so that it appears on the top menu bar!

Once the page is created, again we have a blank page, so Edit the page and firstly add a little bit of Html Content, just to say Hi and all!, but just to be different, I decided to add it to the left Pane! Now with just a page with content on the left, it looks a bit bare! Especially as the text only covers half the page! Nevertheless, I just popped a little bit of blurb in the Html Content and job’s a good’un!

So, now what I need is a Blog! So, let’s go back to Edit This Page and add a Blog Feature to the Center pane. Calling the feature something like Site Construction Blog! Now this just names the Feature not the Blog, so once the feature is added to the page, you need to edit the settings of the blog to name the blog whatever you like and tweak a few settings to make the blog look like what you want it to look like! Plus add copyrights, etc onto the blog! Once you’ve tweaked the settings to your heart’s consent! Save it and you can add your first post on the page! I did this as the Administrator account, hence why the Welcome post is by Administrator.

I thought at this point, it would be an idea to create my own account! This is always a good idea, as if you forget your admin password, it is an absolute ball ache to get your password reset, especially if you are silly enough to leave your e-mail as!! So I created my Pete Garland user account and posted my first “Up and running” blog!

And, slowly but surely the more blogs you post, the more the site pads out! Which actually looks quite good! Obviously, if you weren’t as boring as me, you could jazz up your posts with a bit of pictures, font’s, etc… But nevertheless, moving one!

So, now that I have my blog, it’s on a different page from the home page, and I’d like to show people the process straight away on the home page. So let’s see how easy it is to do that!

The one thing you’ll notice is the Feeds icons along the side of the blog! There’s one called RSS! Now an RSS feed is just a simple feed for your blog only, and this can be accessed from all kinds of places and programs! Outlook and Mail for Mac can both link to RSS Feeds and tell you when a post has been posted! This is useful and normally done on News websites! Now mojoPortal¬†also allows you to link these feeds to other sites like Google and Yahoo, etc… But you can also use it to link to another page on your website.

To do this, I went to the Home page and Edited it and Added a Feed Manager feature to the page. What’s a Feed Manager? Well, it’s used to link 1 or more feeds to your site! So for example I could have this Under Construction Feed as well as say a New Products feed or a News feed, all on different pages, but I might want to merge all the new posts into one feed. Well you do this with a Feed Manager.

So once you’ve added the Feed Manager to the page, you simply Add a new feed to the Feed manager and use the RSS Feed link! You get this by clicking the RSS button on the Under Construction Page, then copy and paste the URL (the address in the Address bar), into the Feed Manager settings. Now if you are using something like Safari or Chrome, you might notice the URL begins feed://, if it does, get rid of that bit and replace it with http:// then add the feed and jobs a good’un!

Now as I don’t want to overwhelm my customers on the front page, I decided to change the Feed Manager settings to only show an Excerpt of the blog, and limited it to just 250 character, then show … read more!

When you click on the read more or the title of the blog, you will be taken to that specific post on a page all on it’s todd!

So, that about wraps up the blog! I hope you are enjoying reading this blog, if not, well, don’t read it anymore! But I hope it’s both entertaining as well as being educating! So ultimately Edutaining!!

What’s next for the site! Well, let’s take it as it comes! Stay tuned!

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