Basic Settings, Home and Contact Form!

Well, now that the site is all up and running, time to set some site details and add some basic pages!

Upon a new installation of mojoPortal, you get a default page, with just a little bit of HTML Content telling you how to login! I used that and pretty much straight away went to My Account to change my password and login details! This is after all, now a live site!

So, first we need to call the site, the correct name and enter a few admin details and choose a site design. There are quite a few designs that come with mojoPortal and you can also download tons of free ones too, plus use a bit of software called Artisteer, which I’ll come back to later! The current style of the site is styleshout-coolwater.

Oh Sorry, forgot to mention settings to change your Site name and design is all under Administration at the bottom of the window!

mojoPortal is actually a really simple CMS to use! you have a page, right! Well you can Edit the page, Add a new page, or Edit specific contact on the page! So first things first, let’s edit the Home page to say Under Construction! Obviously on an normal site, it is normally advised not to state under construction, but as I want people to see a site come together, whether they are looking or not, I just popped an Under Construction start page.

To do this, I simply went back to the home page and pressed the Edit button next to Welcome! The page then reloads with a cool little “Word style” box with the page in it, all in it’s glory and now nicely editable! So delete it all! and type whatever you like! In my case “Under Construction!!”. You can format it just like you can in Word, but, I’m boring, so I’m leaving it plain!! When you’ve finished simply go to the Save button at the bottom of the page! Done Job!!

You will now see how easy it is to edit content already on a page with mojoPortal! Fantastic! So, lets add a new page! How about, a Contact page! We’ll make this one a bit more funky!

To add a page to mojoPortal, there’s a big button called New Page at the bottom of the window! Handy, press it and fill in the page name and select it’s Parent! OK, Parent page?! A site works like a tree, were you have a starting root, then pages from that, then pages from those pages and so forth. Basically, as we want the Contact page to be on the top menu of the site, we must make it’s parent “Root” not Home.

Once you’ve created the page, you’ll now have to add Features onto it! Well let’s start off with just a “Html Content”. This feature is just a section of HTML, which is the language websites are written in, on a page! Remember Html Content can contain pictures, movies, videos, everything you can put on a web page and you use that “Word style” box to edit it! But for me, it’s especially useful for just a bit of text, remembering, I’m not very interesting with design, as I’m a geek, not a designer! But moving on! Once you’ve decided you want a “Html Content” on your page, you have to decide where to put it, generally Center is the best place until you add other feeds, etc to the sides!

Once it’s Added, you’ll notice nothing changes other than the name you gave the feature appearing in the Center Pane box below, in my case, “Have your say!”, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal! You now need to View the page to get to the page itself, rather than the settings. Once you have the page up, you’ll see Edit next to your Feature title, click it just like you did the Home page, and edit any text you like!

On a Contact page, you would hope to have a form to let people contact you! Well, mojoPortal has just that, a Contact Form! So go back to Edit This Page and add a Contact Form feature, you’ll notice when you add it, it will appear below the other Html Feature, in my case “Have Your Say!”. Go back to View This Page and Bob’s your uncle! How easy is that!

Well, that’s me done for the moment, little break then create this Blog!

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