Up and Running!

PTR Systems uses GoDaddy for it’s hosting.

The site was a doddle to upload to the provider, I simply uploaded the mojoPortal zip file to the server using FTP, then within their File Manager on their administration website I unzipped the zip file on their server, therefore not having to worry about uploading thousands of files, as mojoPortal is quite big!

Now that the site had been extracted, I needed to move all the files from wwwroot to the root (html) directory, which was relatively easy using their File Manager, then once all the files were moved, I enabled Writing to the Data, ClientScripts and App_Data directories using their Permissions button!

All set! Apart from the user.config file. I updated the user.config file to set the SQL Server database, then uploaded that to the server.

So, should be as simple as visiting www.ptrsystems.com/Setup and jobs a good’un.

Unfortunately not! Every time you visit the page, you get the custom error page. So, I checked the user.config file, and it’s all fine, so tweaked the web.config file to turn off Friendly Error pages, only to then discover GoDaddy does not allow Full Trust Applications!, so I simply renamed the web.config file on the server to web.fulltrust.config and then renamed web.mediumtrust.config to web.config. This worked!

So the site was now up and running, just one thing left to do! Disable access to the /Setup folder, which you can do quite simply by adding

  <add key="DisableSetup" value="true"/>

to the user.config file. So that just about wraps up the installation!

So other than the Medium Trust issue, everything seemed to go swimmingly!

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