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PTR Systems Limited is the service company of Peter Luke Garland, who provides IT consultancy services and develops bespoke websites, apps and appliances.

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PTR Systems Limited has been working closely with the education industry for over 17 years now developing bespoke products for schools.

Focussed Learning System

Focussed Learning System

FLS was developed for Selly Oak School back in 2004 and was developed up until 2012. FLS is a flash card based learning system, to teach anything from English, or a language to Mathematics or Science. It uses a clever algorithm developed by Graham Ridley taken from his learning system LearnNow written for the Amiga, many years previous. It is fully database driven and can track the progress towards awards across pupils in classes, which can be synced from your MIS system using MIS2FLS Sync.

After years of neglect, it’s being brought out the cupboard and extended to support Packs of Cards! The whole system will be distributed free, and schools can produce Packs of Cards to distribute to other schools. Cards can contain Words, or Questions / Answers, Sentences, Sounds and Pictures.

So watch this space, a download link will be available soon, it’s really old and it’s written in Microsoft Visual Basic 6 (for my sins!), but because of that, it runs on pretty much anything nowadays! It can run even run on Linux or a Mac with the help of WINE!



Clock was also developed for Selly Oak School, it’s a very simple clock! But has some very powerful teaching tools and can output the clocks you create as pictures, which can then be used within FLS to teach the time, or within your own worksheets.

Again, it’s been neglected for over 8 years, so will soon be packaged to be distributed for free.

The great thing about Clock, is is can also run on a Mac or Linux through WINE. So it can run on just about anything! Even a Raspberry Pi!


FLS is a network based system! It can run on it’s own using an Access database, but it can also connect to a SQL database.

Now most schools have an MIS system. Up to 50% of UK Schools have either Advanced Learning’s Facility or their new Cloud School. MIS2FLS Sync allows you to sync the data from those MIS systems to the FLS database to automatically add Pupils, Tutors and Classes ready to use in the Focussed Learning System.


Microsoft 365 is a powerful education platform that I would recommend to all schools. What’s even better! If you have Facility or Cloud School, you can use MIS2SDS to produce the required .csv files to update to Microsoft SDS to sync all your Teachers, Students and Groups.

To help schools get onboarded to Microsoft 365, this product is also distributed free of charge. Download links and more product details to come.


Behaviour and Reward Tracker, used at Selly Oak Trust School is a behaviour tracking system using Stars and Dots. It follows defined rules and stars earn credits which can be spent within the Store run and operated by the students at the school.

BaRT was originally designed by Matthew Simpson as a paper based system, which Pete turned into the behaviour system still used and loved by the pupils to date. You can probably guess how Pete was inspired to call the system BaRT! It was shortly followed by it’s Sister product LiSA!


Leading in Student Attainment, also used at Selly Oak Trust School is an Attainment tracking system used to track progress along the curriculum, or along a qualification or qualification paths. It can also track attendance and has Visual Timetables.

Both BaRT and LiSA will also be available soon, but are constantly evolving, and new Microsoft 365 versions are in the pipeline!


Engage the senses of your unborn child. Was a little app idea by Richard Cooper, it has been updated recently, but the new update has not been pushed! It’s a simple torch, vibrator and sound recorder in one, and the new update, coming soon, includes a kick counter. Move will be come available soon.

Subway® Delivery and Collection Website

PTR Systems Limited doesn’t just work in the education industry, it’s here for restaurants too, especially Subway®!

If you are a franchisee and have your own delivery driver, why not have your own delivery and collection website?

Please contact pete@ptr.systems for further information.


PTR Systems Limited provides IT Consultancy services along with bespoke system development, from small scale IoT devices to data centres.

PTR Sites is the place to get budget WordPress hosting with fast SSD storage and full access rights to your WordPress installation.


WordPress and Windows

Well, continuing on with WordPress and exploring the multi-site network installation, I’ve discovered that WordPress and Windows, just don’t get along at all! Error 500 pages are caused every time Jetpack is upgraded on a Windows server, I believe it’s a Timeout issue as this is a large Plugin, whilst the smaller plugins don’t seem …

WordPress 4.4.1 Upgrade

PTR Systems hosts and manages a number of WordPress sites, and they run on a Windows Shared host at GoDaddy. During the upgrade of one of the sites, the upgrade kept failing. Now as it’s a Windows host, the error message is an Error 500 Server error returned from IIS, not the PHP runtime. So this is pretty useless information. …


PTR Systems Limited can be contacted via e-mail at pete@ptr.systems.