Site Upgrade

Well, what would you know, I downloaded and installed the latest “stable release” yesterday, only to find out today, a newer version had been released!

So, what better way to find out how simple it is to upgrade mojoPortal when new releases come out. As mojoPortal is open source, new versions tend to come out quite regularly! Now, I could use the development version of the site, but as this site is live and classed as a production site, it is always wise to use stable releases.

So, to upgrade mojoPortal is quite simple:

  1. Backup the site!
    • This is always a good idea, just in case something goes wrong!
    • Plus always nice to have a copy of the site to check on old settings files, in case they’ve changed, if you use the user.config file to hold your SQL Server connection string you won’t have to worry about re-entering it in during upgrades! But handy to have a backup in case this changes!
  2. Backup the database!
    • This wasn’t a problem with GoDaddy as there is a nice little Backup button on the Database Management tool within there web administration tool.
  3. Download and unzip the new release of mojoPortal.
    • Now if you remember, GoDaddy runs in Medium Trust mode, so I also had to rename Web.config to Web.fulltrust.config and rename Web.mediumtrust.config to web.config!
  4. Goto the website and log in as an administrator!
  5. Use an FTP program like FileZilla to upload all the files to your website, replacing all the existing files.
  6. Goto the websites/Setup address and watch the upgrade occur!
    • If you remember, I set the DisableSetup setting in my user.config, so you must remember to log in to the site before you upgrade, as therefore, as you are an Administrator, it’ll let you run the Setup script!
    • If you forget this, simply edit your user.config or web.config file to set the DisableSetup tag to false!
  7. Job’s done! Go look at the site and notice absolutely no difference!! But there’s normally underlying bug fixes and speed enhancements, plus one nice new update was the calendar tool used when defining the time of something, like this post!

So, overall, I’m quite impressed how easy the whole upgrade process is! It’s just remembering a few points and relaxing while the site uploads via FTP, as that tends to be slow! Happy using the new release of mojoPortal!

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