Switching to WordPress

Shame to leave mojoPortal behind

Well, it’s been a long and lonesome road! Can’t say there’s been much activity here, and each time I’ve come back time and time again, I’ve noticed little tweaks here and there from the last update I did, quite a while ago now.

But have I loved using mojoPortal and I do still recommend it as a very good, if not excellent CMS system.

The only thing that swayed me towards WordPress is it’s large Community and massive collection of supported Themes and Plugins, and also it’s simplicity. Although mojoPortal is just as simple, WordPress’ Dashboard and responsive design is 2nd to none and seems to be easier to teach people, as there’s plenty of other people teaching people on YouTube, so saves me a job!

Also I’m not much of a designer, I’m more of a developer, so I can easily tweak a design I like and make a Child Theme much easier than I can integrate a theme into mojoPortal.

But, my WordPress site is up and running, again it’ll be updated as often as this one! Hopefully¬†slightly better!

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