Clock v4.0 is Released!

It’s been 13 years since it’s first version, which was in use at Selly Oak Trust School. It’s had many additional features added since then, and in it’s recent 2023 update! It’s now got Roman numerals, a User Guide built in (but also available as a PDF) and it now announces the time when you ask, when running in Time now mode.

But most importantly, it’s now packaged up into a Microsoft Installer Package, which can be network installed, or run as a standalone and can be downloaded via the Store.

Works on any version of Windows from, (cough) XP through to 11! Even runs on the ARM64 version!

It can run via WINE on macOS or Linux, but the Speech Library hasn’t been fully implemented, so it won’t have speech support. So best to stick to Windows for all the bells and whistles.